Monday, June 23, 2008

The Death Of A Comedy Legend

To read about my humorous encounter with the late George Carlin, please go to


Simon Jester said...

I guess when you get to a certain level, you don't have to worry about being topped.

I laughed a lot with Mr. Carlin for a lot of years.

It's kind of funny. Tim Russert just died and the nation just about held a state funeral. He was the topic of every talking head show for a couple of days. Now, I got no beef with Russert, but really, Carlin certainly had a bigger impact on our culture. But all he got on the same shows was a 10 second ho-hum.

Traci Skene said...

That's because the media loves the media but, as we've been pointing out since 1999, the media does not love standup comedy.