Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Alec Baldwin Bad Father Of The Week Award...

... goes to...

Larry Birkhead!

Who, according to my friends at Us, spent 2,800 hundred dollars at an auction for skimpy clothes worn by Anna Nicole Smith during a Playboy shoot where the buxom model, ironically, posed naked.

For some inexplicable reason, he thought these items would make a nice "keepsake" for their daughter, Dannielynn.
"I have a lot of history I have to put together that she doesn't really know about," he told the Associated Press. "Playboy was such a big part of Anna's career.
What will he purchase next for the little girl's hopeless chest? The stripper pole Anna used in Houston as a young mother? The leftover post-sex barf bags that were no doubt in the bedroom Anna shared with her then octogenarian hubby? How about the drug paraphernalia she most likely shared with her oldest child? That last item would be a family history two-fer.

If he really wants to screw the kid up, he should just show her videotape of the court trial where bio-dad, bio-dad's boyfriend, Howard K. Stern and estranged, irate grandma all tried to convince a weepy judge that they had the child's best interest in mind. It'll be a nice lesson in "no-win situations."

Poor Dannielynn. She's destined in 16 years to be one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends in "The New Girls Next Door."


Suzy said...

That child is the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. I hope she doesn't go down the wrong path..

belicoso said...

What an absurd thing to buy for your daughter. I'm sure Larry's thoughts are that she can appreciate them as being part of her mom's past when Dannielynn is older, but then what? To see them in context she has to see that her mom posed nude for a men's magazine...it's not like she posed for a work of art, she posed for the money AKA exploitation...but I guess Dannielynn will be able to relate to that.