Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 For Iron Man, Please

My husband and I love movies, but we rarely watch them outside of our home because through our experiences we have found that movie theaters are filled with these horrible creatures called people.

But, we've been having a really bad week, so we decided to catch the 4:20 showing of Iron Man.

Apparently, the 4:20 show is the best one to see if you don't like the aforementioned humans. The place was as empty as Oprah's pool after she cannonballs.

Until the other couple came in. "Boooo," I wanted to yell. These two losers where ruining our private screening. How dare they.

The theater itself is fairly new, with stadium seating and a large row towards the front for disabled patrons. The two rows in front of this row have been removed so it's similar to the emergency exit row on an airplane. Except the single seats on the ends are labeled handicapped but the four seats in the center are not. So that's where we sat.

Five minutes after the main attraction began in walks a father, his young daughter and his son... who is in a wheelchair.

Naturally, we moved without being asked. The man took the seats and then thanked us twice, which made me kind of sad. The first thank you was just his way of being polite, but the second thank you indicated that he's not used to people doing the right thing. Although, there is something about movie theaters that make even civilized folks highly uncivilized.

So, the seven of us sat quietly-- thank goodness-- and watched the movie. Iron Man is the type of film that should be seen on a big screen. Sex and The City, for many reasons, is not. (No, that was not a Sarah Jessica Parker nose joke. Or a Kim Cattrall vagina joke.)

There's enough good acting, boom-booms and plausible implausibility to make this action flick fun for the entire two-plus hours.

Although, I think in the sequel-- oh and there will be a sequel-- Iron Man should have to fly to Hawaii to compete in the Iron Man Triathalon. Watching a guy in a titanium suit run a full marathon after swimming and biking all day would be worth the price of admission.

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Simon Jester said...

You know, the triathlon thing is really too good an idea for the producers to pass up. It would make a great visual and would be sure to get a laugh.

Hope you get a credit.