Sunday, May 11, 2008

Unhappy Mother's Day

My husband received a very sweet email from a comic friend of ours concerning his mother's recent passing. She said, as she was writing a Mother's Day card to her own mother, she thought about how difficult this holiday must be for him. It was quite touching.

Mother's Day is indeed a difficult time for many of us. My own mother spent her last Mother's Day on life support and died shortly after. Consequently, I have spent the last 22 Mays in a melancholy haze.

Yet, I am annoyed by those nitwit publicity seeking do-gooders who every few years manage to convince a reporter that America needs to outlaw Mother's Day. All those Hallmark, Kodak and Zales' commercials are hurtful, they say, to women who are infertile or to folks, like us, who have lost their mothers.

Get over it, I say. We all have pain but we shouldn't let our personal trauma interfere with the joy of others.

To those of you who are mothers or who are lucky enough to have your own mothers still with you, I wish you a happy Mother's Day. For those of you who spend a few minutes worrying about how people like us feel, I thank you. Your compassion proves that your mothers raised you correctly.


Suzy said...

Can't we just get rid of Zales and Hallmark commercials because they suck?

Traci Skene said...

I'm not a romantic person so I find all jewelry commercials to be eye-rolling. Hallmark commercials would only be authentic if they showed the person flipping over the card to see how much it costs.