Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Reverend Cool

Back in December, on our 19th anniversary, I posted our infamous wedding photo which, to my embarrassment, reveals my left nipple. The picture, oddly enough, has become something of an internet sensation, with perverts all around the globe clicking on the link after googling the words "Nipple Pictures" or "Pictures of Nipples." (It's still a mystery to me, why my image intrigues them when there are so many other truly erotic nipple pictures on the web.)

The photo was taken by the man who joined us in holy matrimony. I feel bad that we didn't give him proper photo credit...or in this case photo blame. Here's what I did write about him five months ago.
Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. We were joined in holy matrimony on December 2, 1988 on the beach in Hawaii. (A day which will live in infamy.) Officiating was the Reverend Richard B. Elsner who was once a bass player for Dean Martin and the Golddiggers. We're not even sure if our marriage is legal.
The other day, quite to our surprise, my husband received an email from Richard B. Elsner himself! (I'm assuming he found me by googling his own name and not "Nipple Pictures.") Turns out he's now officiating weddings in Las Vegas after moving back to the mainland several years ago. He's going to come to our show when we play the Comedy Club at the Riviera, July 7-13. We're very excited.

He doesn't play the bass professionally anymore, but he was gracious enough to send along some photos from when he was still a performer. In the above photo, he is backing-up the late Don Ho along with two of his sisters and his brother-in-law. (Elsner is on the right.) Don't you just love the groovy outfits?

We couldn't have been married by a cooler guy. We can't wait to see him. It'll be a nice way to celebrate our 20th year. I'm just sorry we never became big stars. If we had, he could have used us in his advertising.


Suzy said...

I think you should have him renew your vows.

My mom's birthday is Dec 2 so I'll never forget your anniversary.

Traci Skene said...

We thought about renewing our vows but we sort of felt funny saying them the first time around. Public pronouncements of love make us uncomfortable...actually they just makes us giggle.