Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Sale: Iron Lung. Used.

I have three big fears: snakes, iron lungs and finding a snake in my iron lung.

My husband has tried on many occasions to allay my iron-lung-a-phobia by assuring me that iron lungs are no longer in use. Then I read this story.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A woman who spent nearly 60 years of her life in an iron lung after being diagnosed with polio as a child died Wednesday after a power failure shut down the machine that kept her breathing, her family said.

Dianne Odell, 61, had been confined to the 7-foot-long machine since she was stricken by polio at 3 years old.

Family members were unable to get an emergency generator working for the iron lung after a power failure knocked out electricity to the Odell family's residence near Jackson, about 80 miles northeast of Memphis, brother-in-law Will Beyer said.
The horror!

This woman was living my nightmare! Somehow it makes it worse to know that she completed high school and wrote a children's book. In my scenario, I don't have time for studying or work. I just spend my days and nights screaming, "Let me out of here!"

The story goes on to say that a spinal deformity made it impossible for her to use a more modern machine. Well, at least I know there are more modern machines.

I'm going to have bad dreams for a week. And I'll never again believe a word my husband says.

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Anonymous said...

Trust me.. if you need an iron lung... you
will only scream "let me out" until they do.. then you will whisper "please let me