Friday, May 9, 2008

"Flip Her Over, I Want A Pony"

Michelle Duggar, 41, is pregnant with her 18th child.

Do you hear that noise? That's this woman's uterus hitting the floor.

The eldest child is 20 and the youngest is still an infant. In between, there are 15 kids, including two sets of twins.

Seventeen children, all living under one roof, yet somehow Mr. and Mrs. Duggar still find time to do the nasty.

The Duggars should serve as an inspiration to all parents who claim to be too tired or too stressed or too busy to get...well, you know...busy.

If they can do it...and do it...and do it...then you can do it.

I think all of us ladies want to ask Mrs. Duggar the same questions. Do you even feel anything down there anymore? Is your husband blessed in the girth department? When you're making love--or in your case, making babies--do you fantasize about famous sterile men like Tom Cruise?

Since God-fearing folks aren't big into the public sex talk, I guess we'll never know.

But you do have to admire this woman's vagina. It bounces back more often than Robert Downey Jr.'s career.


Alice said...

Excellent! Everything I ever thought. AND I think she's getting more action than I do with only 2 kids.

Meg said...

Probably the only positive thing about this is--with that many kids, her chances are higher of getting a buffet dinner out of one of them for future Mother's Days!

Traci Skene said...

Maybe it's a Stepford Wife situation and the real Michelle Duggar has been replaced with a child-bearing cyborg.

The woman must have the patience of a saint...a saint on Valium.