Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol 5/7/08

Do the producers of American Idol write Ryan Seacrest's opening line weeks in advance? Why else would Finhead say, "It was one of our most dramatic shows so far. They sang from the heart." Seriously?

Was Castro singing from the heart when he booted Bob Dylan lyrics? Dylan is only known as one of the great poets of the early rock era! It's like forgetting the words to Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and yada yada yada...something, something, something...all men are created equal."

Interesting that Seacrest gave Randy Jackson grief for his critique of Mercado's version of "A Change Is Gonna Come." Jackson was right, her performance was weak. I think the non-African-American judges felt guilty criticizing an African-American who was singing a civil right's song. Jackson, on the other hand, was able to view the performance objectively without the pressure of political correctness.

The group song was Steely Dan's "Reeling In The Years." I saw Steely Dan perform a year ago in Atlantic City and they were amazing. The woman sitting behind me, however, was a little too enthusiastic. At one point, she actually yelled to Donald Fagen, "I named my cat after you!" I'm sure that was the most exciting moment in Fagen's career.

David Archuleta is the first to be declared safe. I, of course, was kidding yesterday when I said he would be eliminated. But I sort of hoped it would happen just to make this year even stranger than it's already been.

The Idols got to fly to Vegas on a private plane. Can hookers and bottles of Cristal be far behind?

David Cook was the second to be named safe. I still think the two Davids will be in the finals... the pseudo rocker and the baby face crooner.

I've seen Maroon 5's lead singer give some pretty bad live performances in the past. His duet with Stevie Wonder a few years ago was Nelly Furtado bad. (They both have good recording voices but should limit themselves to the studio.) Tonight, at least, he reached the level of mediocre. But he should give some of the Idols hope. Levine is proof that with the right look and the right marketing, it's possible to be a mega-star.

Next up was Season 4 runner-up Bo Bice. Bice is proof that even massive exposure on America's most popular television show doesn't guarantee you'll be a mega-star. While Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood is counting her millions, Bice counts how many of his phone calls haven't been returned. He's one of those guys who always looks stoned...or he's one of those guys who is always stoned. Hard to say.

Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado found themselves quite understandably in the bottom two.

Jason Castro is out! I thought he was very gracious and funny in the face of elimination. I'm also amazed that he made it as far as he did. American Idol is all about versatility. Jason Castro is not versatile. But he just may have a long as he doesn't cut his hair.

Here's Steely Dan singing "Reeling In The Years" in 1978 on, my favorite show at the time, The Midnight Special. It's worth it just to see a much younger Bill Cosby doing the intro.

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