Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol 4/14/08

Andrew Lloyd Webber is still hanging around? Doesn't he have a day job?

Ryan Seacrest, prude that he is, pointed out to Paula that her cleavage wasn't exactly family friendly. I thought it was interesting that she chose a tear-drop necklace as an accessory. Usually the only thing in her cleavage is drool... or actual tear-drops.

David Cook is a good sport. Making the rocker sing and dance to "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" could have been devastating to his bad boy image, but he swayed his hips and belted out the tune like a man who is willing to sell his soul to be the next American Idol.

I think the Ford Focus "How Far Is Heaven" commercial would have been much more realistic if, in David Archuleta's success fantasy, his father had been nearby counting his money.

I missed last night's episode because I was on a plane so I have no idea who deserves to go home. But I pray it's Syesha.

Speaking of annoying, when did Fantasia go from passionate to strident? The look on Simon's face while she was performing was priceless. The slack-jaw, the rolling eyes... I think he summed up our feelings exactly. But her hair really made me want to eat a candy apple.

When a weepy, overwhelmed Archuleta looked at all the people at the mall and said, "Where did they park?" I thought that was one of the funniest and most honest lines I have ever heard. Where did they park? He's not 17, he's 71.

Syesha reminded me why I dislike her so much when she said, "I just really want to share my gift with the world." Her ego and arrogance astound me. Trust me, she couldn't care less where people parked.

Out of all the contestants, David Cook carries himself most like a celebrity. He's seems comfortable in the situation he's found himself in but even he became teary. I think all three of the finalists are completely exhausted. (Self-promotion moment: My husband and I are going to be performing in Cook's hometown, Kansas City, next week at Famous Johnnys.)

Gosh, Paula is profound. Simon makes more sense with the word "humdinger" than she does with an entire sentence.

Syesah is gone! The world will no longer be able to share in her gift. Oh well, I'm sure she'll become a household name just like last year's third place contestant Melinda Doolittle. (Yes, the sarcasm light is flashing.)

Next week, it's a battle of the Davids!


Suzy said...

I'm so glad you're on the east coast and I read your blog rather than watch AI. I just couldn't get it together to care enough this year and you've made it a breeze to (not) watch! Thanks.

Traci Skene said...

Well, that's just the nicest compliment I could receive.