Monday, April 7, 2008

Repelle Skin Shield Wand VS ChapStick

I've only been dying my hair black for 32-months now. Prior to that I had been dying my hair blond. Then, in one afternoon, I went from Betty to Veronica...of course, I'm still married to Jughead.

Black dye is a little harder to manage than any lightening product. For one thing, it stains your skin purple. Since I have a lot of hair and only two hands, this means I spend a few days each month with purple ears, purple neck and, if I'm particularly sloppy, a purple face.

About a year ago, I read about a "revolutionary new hair dye product" called Repelle Skin Shield Wand. It seemed ingenious. Rub it on your skin pre-dying and you won't have any stains post-dying. Five bucks later and I was putting this fabulous creation to the test.

It worked. It wasn't perfect but I was much less Barney-like when I was done.

My husband, fascinated by my glowing endorsement, decided to inspect this wondrous magic wand. He looked it over, sniffed it a bit, licked it in a Yukon Cornelius kind of way and declared, "It's ChapStick! Next time use ChapStick and see if it works just as well."

It worked. The ChapStick wasn't perfect but it was just as good as Repelle... and it's much cheaper.

My husband is a genius and now he's the most hated man at Repelle headquarters.

So now I own two ChapSticks: one for my lips and one for my hairline. As long as I don't get them confused, I'll be in business.

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earth base hazard said...

do you remember my platinum blond phase? just before i went total skin tone? i use vaseline to line my scalp/face/ears. which ever is cheaper, ah 'spose. carry on.