Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas Wins! Skene Wins!

My husband and I decided to have an NCAA March Madness Office Pool even though we are the only two people in the office. For most of the tournament, he kicked my over-sized ass, but I rallied and overtook him with the final win by Kansas.

Now I won't have to do laundry wearing a bikini and whore shoes. That was the bet... at least in my husband's mind. I was appalled by the wager mostly because our apartment has a public laundry area. When I protested he simply said, "Nobody ever does laundry down there."

In fact, I was so busy complaining that I forgot to think up a bet for him. As the winner, I should make him do the laundry wearing a bikini and whore shoes but that's something I don't even want to see.

Maybe I'll just make him do laundry. Any woman will tell you that not having to do the laundry is a bet worth winning.

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