Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cindy McCain's Bud Bucks

John McCain may not know much about the economy, but any man who marries a hot babe worth 100 million dollars certainly knows economics.

Cindy McCain, heiress to a beer distributor fortune, didn't have to marry a broke senator from Arizona. She could have easily hooked up with an equally rich dude who really liked Bud Light. Instead, she chose to spend her life with a balding, hot-tempered former prisoner of war. Either McCain is a really great guy or he has a really big member... or both. What else could explain this several decades long union?

I think having a first lady who has made mega-bucks from beer sales is uber Americana. I just hope, if elected, the new White House occupants don't shy away from the family business.

Clydesdales on the south lawn, I say! Dollar draughts before each press conference! Interns wearing "Drink. Pee. Repeat." T-shirts!

After eight years of W and Laura going to bed at 9, the White House might be Party Central again. You can bet Bill Clinton will be there... without Hillary, of course.

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