Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Brother (My Sibling, Not The Show)

This May, my big brother, Jim Skene (everybody from his past still calls him Jimmy) will be inducted into the Philadelphia Oldtimers Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

The name "Oldtimers" may lead you to believe that my big brother is 90-years-old and only mobile with the aid of a walker. Not true...although he will always be older than me. Oldtimers is merely a designation for players whose competitive days are behind them.

In his playing days, however, he was quite well-known around these parts. As a goalkeeper for Frankford High School he led his team to a City Championship and was nominated by the Philadelphia Inquirer for Athlete of the Year. At Rutgers University, his goalkeeping records stood unbroken for a quarter of a century.

After graduation, he became an assistant coach at Drexel University and today coaches the Special Olympics Soccer Team at Lighthouse.

Plus he helped turn me into a pretty darn good player which is probably the real reason they are giving him this honor.

Unfortunately, I will be working at the Pittsburgh Funny Bone the night of the ceremony so I can't attend. I'm bummed. So instead, I'm congratulating him publicly.

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