Monday, April 21, 2008

Back Home And Ready For A Nap

We didn't have the funny flight attendants on this morning's Southwest Air trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Philadelphia. On the way down we did. One of the things I like about flying Southwest is interacting with the genial yet smart-ass employees. While I don't guffaw like the easily amused passengers on the plane, I do enjoy hearing the same announcements I've heard a million times done a little differently.

I think the male attendant on the way down actually hired writers. "Please put your seat backs up into their locked and most uncomfortable position." "If you need to smoke, please step out on the wing. If you can light 'em, you can smoke 'em." The jokes make the passengers happy. We had major bitchy male and female stewardesses (yes, since I didn't like them I'll call them by the politically incorrect name) on our last US Air flight so I'll take the comedy over nastiness any day.

On both the outbound and the inbound, my husband and I managed to secure the emergency row seats even though we boarded somewhat late both times. I don't understand the aversion to these seats. We actually pray for them to be open. There is twice as much legroom and, in the event of a real emergency, I trust myself to open the door more than anybody else on the plane. In fact, I would only step on the head of the person sitting in that seat just to get out first so I might as be the one in charge.

Unfortunately, we didn't really get to enjoy any of the Florida sunshine while we were away. During the day we were busy recovering from doing shows at night while still suffering from post-funeral fatigue.

Plus we both have colds.

I think I hear my bed calling. Yes, it's actually saying my name.

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