Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol 4/29/08

Why was Rita Wilson sitting with Hugh Hefner's girlfriends? Does this mean Tom Hanks was at the Playboy Mansion popping popcorn with Hef? The collection of celebrities in the Idol audience is getting stranger by the week.

Ryan opened the show by saying, "The glare of the spotlight and the pressure of constant exposure has already taken its toll on some." Who? Who Ryan? Who has it taken its toll on? Is there something we should know? Is somebody other than Paula drinking to excess? Was Brooke White photographed getting out of a limo while not wearing panties? Were the two Davids caught French kissing?

Jason Castro chose "Forever In Blue Jeans" and "September Morn." My husband confessed that for most of his life he thought Neil Diamond was singing "Reverend Blue Jeans." He always thought Diamond was singing about a hip preacher. Once Jason Castro reached the chorus and also sounded like he was saying, "Reverend Blue Jeans" I got the giggles and couldn't listen to the rest of the song. I think I dozed off during "September Morn." Carly Smithson must be at home threatening to put her tattooed fist through the television screen. Castro just looks like he wants to go home. I think the voters should make his wish come true.

David Cook chose obscure songs "I'm Alive" and "All I Really Need Is You." I think there's a reason nobody knows the first one. Talk about unforgettable. His performance was even more so. Did he deliberately do a Neil Diamond impression? Is he looking to play a lounge in Vegas? He redeemed himself with the second performance. Making a Neil Diamond song sound contemporary is no easy task. The only thing more dated than Diamond's sound is his sparkly shirts.

Brooke White picked "I'm A Believer" and "I Am, I Said." She was lucky that the judges were not allowed to give their opinions immediately after singing "I'm A Believer." She had to wait until all the singers were done before hearing Simon call her a nightmare. Before hearing her version, I never realized that Monkee's lead singer Mickey Dolenz could actually sing. I would apologize to Dolenz if I weren't still angry at him for dissing me a the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal a few years ago. Her second time was better, but I still pray she doesn't make it into the finals.

David Archuleta decided to sing "Sweet Caroline" and "America." It was so "Up With People" that I was almost "Up With Dinner." But he'll be singing "America" now at every huge Fourth of July celebration from now until when he's Neil Diamond's age.

Syesha Mercado sang "Hello Again" and "Thank The Lord For The Nightime." She should change her name to Shrill-esha Mercado. I hope she is in trouble this week as Simon predicted.

Hands down, the best moment of the night was when Paula critiqued Jason Castro on two songs when he only sang one. Having a Coke cup filled with rum: Priceless.

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Michele T. said...

Ever since reading this a few days ago I can not get Reverend Blue Jeans out of my head. Thanks Brian!