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American Idol 4/22/08

I have to admit I was a little surprised when Idol decided to hold it's songwriting contest again this year. The 2007 choice "This Is Mine Now" or "This Is My Now" or "This Is Mein Kampf" or whatever the heck it was called was laughably bad. While Jordin Sparks threw herself into this piece of garbage, Blake Lewis had that "Dear Lord I hope I lose so I don't have to sing this song for the rest of my life" look on his face.

One of the entries this year is written by a man who has a child with Angelman's Syndrome. My great-nephew Jake has Angelman's so I'm hoping he wins if, for no other reason, these kids might get some much needed publicity. His name is Regie Hamm and his song is called "Time Of My Life." Voting takes place here.

I think Ryan Seacrest is using a bit too much hair product these days. He's a good looking guy but his shark fin 'do leaves much to be desired. If it gets any spikier he could be a contestant on "Top Chef."

"The top six are going out of their comfort zone," says Seacrest. Yes, because they've all seemed soooooooo comfortable up to this point.

Oh no! The music of Andrew Lloyd Webber?! And the Webster himself is in the audience?! They're not just out of their comfort zone, this is like a contestant on the aforementioned "Top Chef" preparing a meal with motor oil, Fluff and nickel sulfate.

1. Syesha Mercado said "Oh crap" in front of the King of Musical Theater. It might be the first time I've actually liked her. She picked a song from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" probably the one Webber production most people aren't familiar with. The judges thought she was great. I just can't handle how often she bottoms out on the low notes. Broadway stars can sing all notes well, not just the ones-- as Paula would say-- at the top of their register.

2. Jason Castro chose "Memories" from Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber admitted it was a bit jarring seeing somebody with dreadlocks sing this song. I see, so it's easier to see somebody in a giant cat suit sing this song, but the dreadlocks are off-putting? After hearing his rendition, I think this is one memory Castro will want to forget. He should have stopped to lick himself half-way through or, at the very least, coughed up a hairball.

3. Brooke White can certainly sing better than Madonna so picking something from the movie "Evita" was probably wise. Choosing something from the Broadway show would have been foolish since nobody wants to be compared to the great Patti LuPone. Wow, this is the second time this season Brooke has stopped and started again. Is it the sign of a true professional or a rank amateur? Andrew Lloyd Webber would have had her whacked if she had done such a thing during his Broadway show. I think Brooke is lucky Jason Castro was so "out of his comfort zone."

4. David Archuleta couldn't have looked any more uncomfortable when the girls came up to hug him. Although he was probably even more uncomfortable as he tried to keep his eyes open during the song as Sir Webber had requested. Personally, I think he picked an incredibly dull ALW tune. But, Disney should sign him immediately to be the voice of a singing bunny or some other woodland creature who regularly breaks into song.

5. Carly Smithson chose "Jesus Christ Superstar" the most dated song in the ALW songbook. She sang the hell out of it (okay, perhaps "hell" is the wrong choice of words) but her Irish eyes were smiling tonight. Her "Simon Loves Me (this week)" shirt was actually very funny.

6.David Cook picked the best Andrew Lloyd Webber song, "Music of the Night" from "The Phantom of the Opera." I would have preferred a rock version rather than a watered-down musical theater rendition. I really wish David Archuleta has performed this song instead of Cook. He was good, but Archuleta would have been great.

Perhaps Cook should have taken a few lessons from Will Ferrell.

Prediction: Brooke White and Jason Castro will be in the bottom two with Castro watching the show on TV next week.

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