Monday, March 3, 2008


For a solid year, I coveted the Hamilton Beach toaster/toaster oven combo despite it having the ridiculous name "Toastation." Each time I saw the commercial I would turn to my husband and say, "How do they do it?"

It seemed like such a genius idea: toaster on the top, toaster oven on the bottom, lots of leftover counter space. Simple but perfect.

My husband, being the good husband that he is, eventually drove to KMart to buy one for me. A few hours later, he drove back to KMart to return the item for a full refund.

Three seconds out of the box and I discovered "how they do it." They don't. Well, not really.

Technically, I suppose you could call the lower half a "toaster oven" but the space is so small it's only good for making...toast. Essentially, I now had a giant appliance that allowed me to make toast in two completely different ways...horizontal and vertical.

Suddenly, the name "Toastation" made a lot of sense.

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