Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Pyrotechnic Wonder From Down Under

Back in the late '90's, when the comedy business was still in the dumper forcing my husband and I to desperately look for something else to do, we took over the North American publicity for Vincent Silvestro, "The Pyrotechnic Wonder From Down Under."
Vincent Silvestro, "The Pyrotechnic Wonder From Down Under," races around a racetrack at 30 miles per hour, while standing, with the reins in his teeth. Using a remote control keypad on his thigh, he sets off a series of fireworks from the back of his sulky while holding a flare in each hand.
At the time, we didn't know anything about fireworks or horses or Australian daredevils, but we learned quickly. We helped put together a few successful shows at racetracks across the Northeast before leaving the company to go back to full-time standup.

For the record, the horse is never harmed before, during or after the performance. He's specially trained and is, perhaps, one of the most docile creatures we've ever met. On his downtime, he helps disabled children with their therapy making him the Don Imus of equine world.

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