Monday, March 24, 2008

Jay Wright Fever

I don't want to name names, but I think a certain CBS basketball play-by-play announcer has a man-crush on Villanova head coach, Jay Wright. Even the analysts seem a bit smitten with the handsome, well-dressed Wildcats leader.

I suppose in the Jerry Tarkanian world of college basketball where Larry Brown was as close as you'd get to a matinee idol, Wright is a delightful change of pace. Now that his "Cinderella" team has reached the Sweet Sixteen, the swooning should rival anything seen at a Justin Timberlake concert.

I'm rooting for 'Nova (as the folks here in Philly call them) even though they were the only local team I didn't pick to make it out of the first round (damn you Temple and St. Joe's!)

Folks with just a passing knowledge of the NCAA tournament will remember Villanova from their 1985 championship win. Back then they were coached by the gruff but loveable Rollie Massimino who was appealing in a Tommy Lasorda kind of way. Many believe it was the best-coached performance in NCAA history.

After his victory, Massimino cashed in on some lucrative endorsement deals. If Wright manages to to find his way to the Final Four, he better get himself a commercial agent. With his appeal, he won't just get local car dealership money, he'll be cashing big fat checks from beer, Viagra and Just For Men Gel.

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