Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Go Ahead, Supreme Court, Make My Day.

In my husband's hometown, there is a shooting range located across the street from the local high school. Some anti-gun residents believe this is a dangerous and unacceptable situation. We think it makes Pennsauken High School one of the safest insitutions of learning in the country. Seriously, what idiot teen would shoot up a classroom knowing that several hundred yards away there are expert marksmen with loaded guns just looking for a target?

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the Second Amendment for the first time in over 200 years. Folks on both sides of the issue are more nervous than Geraldine Ferraro at an Obama rally.

Personally, I would never own a gun. When it comes to firearms I am no Annie Oakley. I'm "ascared" of 'em. (Note to potential rapists, intruders and other home invaders: My husband does, however, own a rather impressive machete, which he keeps next to the bed. It has a finely honed edge and mighty 18" silkscreened on the blade. He calls it "his Mighty 18-Incher" and he is well aware of the double entendre.)

But, as a person who grew up in a semi-dangerous inner-city neighborhood, I understand why a law-abiding neighbor would want the means to ward off thugs. The law which prevents DC residents from owning handguns (the very law which Justice Roberts and the Gang will be discussing) sounds like an edict created by the criminals.

I truly believe that if guns are banned only criminals will have guns. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the rest of the country does not feel the same way. In any other case, I'm always told that "people will do it anyway." Why bother teaching abstinence to kids when they are only going to have sex anyway. Marijuana should be legalized because people are going to smoke it anyway. Why ban guns when criminals are going to use them anyway!

In a somewhat related story, The Smoking Gun outdid themselves this week with their Al Pacino mug shot pictorial. On display is one photo after another of criminals wearing "Scarface" and "Carlito's Way" T-shirts.

You see, criminals love guns. Criminals love movies about guns. What criminals don't love is a potential victim who owns a gun.


Suzy said...

Traci, on the post I made today about the review in Pigalle, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Paris, I had to walk home every night at 2 am because Paris cabs will not drive you less than a mile.

I used to talk to the hookers who lined the streets because every week I'd get followed by some ahole. I asked them if they thought I should get a gun and they all said no. If you point a gun at a thug, chances are he'll have a gun and shoot you first.

I'm anti-gun. All the way. Out here in LA it's OUT of control. The NRA is what keeps guns in this country.

Traci Skene said...

Yes, but I'd never point a gun at a thug unless he pointed one first. And if he points one at me, the last thing he'll expect is for me to point one back.

I don't believe the NRA keeps guns in this country. I believe the NRA keeps guns in the hands of non-criminals. Criminals will always keep guns in this country no matter what us law abiding citizens do.

Like I said, I will never own a gun but that doesn't make me anti-gun or pro-gun. I'm just dealing with the reality of the situation.

Simon Jester said...

Nothing like politics, religion and gun rights to stir up a conversation.
Suzy and Traci, there's a interesting one on this very subject over at:


Both sides are represented, and no one is shooting at the other. Check it out if you've a mind. (And no, it's not my site.)

Traci Skene said...

Don, you forgot abortion. Nothing brings a dinner party to a screeching halt quicker than a disagreement on abortion.

But, ultimately, it doesn't matter what I think or what Suzy thinks. It matters what the Supreme Court thinks and I guess we'll find out in June just what that is.