Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol 3/5/08

Simon is so much happier when Paula is a droopy-eyed, drooling mess. The minute they sober her up with black coffee and a cold shower, he becomes cranky again. If I were him, I would carry a flask full of vodka in my sock and pour a shot into her over-sized Coke cup during each performance. She would be happy, he would be happy and the singers would be happier still.

Now that contestants are permitted to play their own instruments, I'm always thrown when the camera shows a tight shot of the piano player's hands before we see the singer. For a split second I think, "Why does that little Asian girl have the hands of an aging black man?"

Britney impersonator, Kady Malloy, needed to perform sans underwear in order to get enough votes to stay on the show. What the heck, if you're going to pretend to be Britney you might as well go all the way. Besides if one of the guys can appear in public naked from the waist down, so should one of the girls.

Biker/nurse/rocker Amanda Overmyer seems bored to the point of annoyed with the entire proceedings. I'm surprised she didn't site "Appearing on American Idol" as her most embarrassing moment.

If Kristy Lee Cook is eliminated it'll be because she pulled her hair back into an "I'm going to a pot luck supper" 'do. I've never seen a woman look so attractive with one hair style and--as Simon would say--so completely forgettable or--as I would say--so downright church-y with another.

There was talk on Tuesday night's show about the Leonard Cohen song "Hallelujah." Simon and Randy agreed Jeff Buckley has the best version. Personally, I prefer Rufus Wainwright. He has a haunting quality to his voice that suits the song very well.

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