Wednesday, March 5, 2008

American Idol: 3/4/08

Paula was all highed-up again. On nights like this, it's fascinating to watch her say a bunch of words yet never actually string together a complete sentence.

As with most viewers, I tuned last night to see if former stripper and current Idol contestant, David Hernandez would be bounced from the show after reports surfaced that he used to dance naked at a gay Gentlemen's Club. No such luck. Although I did love the irony of him singing, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now."

The producers of Idol are in a real pickle. (Perhaps I shouldn't use the word "pickle" in a story about a male stripper.) If they ask him to leave, they will be accused of homophobia. If they don't ask him to leave, they will be accused of hypocrisy after giving Frenchie the boot several years ago when topless photos popped up of her online.

The real controversy will begin when grainy cell phone video of Hernandez shaking his unwrapped member in another man's face shows up on YouTube. America just isn't ready for the visual.

Besides, a naked man always looks more naked than a naked woman.

During last night's show, the participants talked about their most embarrassing moment. Oddly enough, Hernandez discussed boogers. Ask him that same question in a few weeks and I think he'll have a new story to tell.

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