Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol 3/26/08

Jacuzzi aka Chikezie is gone!

The judges sure do spend a lot of time talking about originality. Last night, David Cook received high praise from the three panelists for his rocker rendition of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean. Tonight, however, we discovered that his version was not as original as everybody thought.

Chris Cornell from Soundgarden is the original one. I'm into music, but this one got by me, I'm embarrassed to say. I guess Cook was hoping it got by everybody else as well. No doubt, the reason Seacrest heard from Cornell earlier in the day was to say, "WTF? Give a dude credit where credit is due!"

Here's Cornell's take on Billy Jean followed by Cook's.

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Suzy said...

God I miss Michael Jackson.

Did AI make you take down the second vid?