Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol 3/12/08

Holy cross-promotion, Batman! Fox's desire to advertise their new movie turned the 60-minute elimination show into Horton Hears A Who Cares.

*** The normally funny Jim Carrey was lifeless in his over-sized elephant suit. The whole exchange between him and host Ryan Seacrest bordered on embarrassing. Although former male stripper David Hernandez was probably relieved that his penis was no longer the giant elephant in the room.

*** Speaking of former stripper David Hernandez, he was voted off. Let's hope he hasn't thrown away his rhinestone jockstrap and break-away chaps.

*** The phone calls were even more excruciating than waiting for Paula to complete a sentence. The viewing public rarely comes up with anything interesting to say. That's why God created writers.

*** Marrying a man old enough to be her father seems to suit Katherine McPhee.

*** Nobody seems more surprised than Kristy Lee Cook that she will be on the show for another week. But I did feel sorry for her that she had to yet again sing a song that was the cause of her national humiliation just 24 hours prior.

*** Amanda Overmyer sure is smiling a lot these days. To be honest, I sort of miss the sullen and slightly hostile Amanda. I almost want her to land in the bottom three next week just so she'll be miserable again.

*** I'll have to remember next week to tune into the show ten minutes late just so I'll miss the group sing-a-long. Somehow everybody-- even the cool ones-- come off looking ultra square, turning the whole event into Up With People meets Up With Dinner. It always reminds me of Russian skating champions who wear spandex denim and skate to American Rock 'N Roll.

*** When did I turn into Larry King? You know, that Angie Dickenson has quite a pair of legs.

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