Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Worst Photo Ever Taken

The man on the left is the legendary Steve Allen. The man on the right is my husband, Brian McKim. The man on the right idolized the man on the left. Why then did the man on the right trust the woman behind this blog to take a photograph of him with his hero?

Yes, I cut off their heads. No, I wasn't drinking. Yes, my husband wanted to cut off my head after he saw the picture. I think I started drinking.

Instead of photo credit, my husband gives me photo blame.

To prove that it is indeed Steve Allen (he and Brian performed together at the La Paloma Theater in Oceanside, California in 1992) here is a Polaroid of the three of us taken by somebody else. Notice, we all have our heads.

(BTW, I think my cleavage looked pretty good that night. I can't figure out how Mr. Allen managed to look straight ahead. Perhaps if he had been looking down at my boobs when I took the other photo, I wouldn't have cut off his cranium. I'm just sayin' is all.)


Suzy said...

I collect comedy books and have about 80, all either written by comics or about them. One of them I took out of our library in the house I grew up in. It's called Fourteen for Tonight and it was published in 1955 and is by Steve Allen.

My parents were major fans of his and he autographed the book for my mother, To Olga, Best Wishes!

Traci Skene said...

He sent us a box of autographed books after he and Brian worked together. Mr. Allen was a sweet and gracious man.

Some comics turned against him after he criticized Howard Stern and shock humor but I don't think they were being fair.

He did a lot for standup early on. He booked many comedians on his show who couldn't get booked elsewhere...Lenny Bruce is probably the best example.

For his time, he was pretty darn hip.