Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday TV Highlights

American Idol-- Fox

If you're going to sing on national television, do not suck on something blue before your performance. (No, that's not a euphemism...or a Smurfemism...or a Smurf euphemism.) I couldn't keep my eyes off all the blue tongues.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show-- USA Network

OK, so this time I couldn't keep my eyes off all the pink tongues!

There's something strange about a 15-inch Beagle getting a standing ovation. He was the obvious favorite going into the Best of Show competition and his win came as no surprise to me. That dog has quite the publicist. All day long his "underdog" story-- their word, not mine-- dominated the newscasts. I began to think the 15-inch Beagle could actually beat Obama in the Virginia primary.

I'm just glad the standard and toy poodles didn't win. They are the most ridiculous creatures on the planet with their puffball legs and '70's Blaxploitation afro's. They look like they've just lost a bet.

Gone Country-- CMT

A drunk Bobby Brown almost accidentally peeing on a sleeping Dee Snider is TV gold!

This time, I was hoping all I would see is a tongue.

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