Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Long And Thanks For The Fish

Finally, Cuba's long-winded, evil dictator Fidel Castro is retiring. Personally, I would have preferred a violent death at the hands of his own people or a public hanging after a protracted trial, but I'll take him merely being out of power. The idea that he will spend his remaining days in a weakened, impotent state, puttering around the house in a Che Guevara T-shirt, yelling at the neighbor kids to stay off his lawn, gives me some satisfaction.

I wonder if they'll throw him a retirement party? Sean Penn could bring the gold watch. I bet Barbara Walters wouldn't mind giving one of her famous speech-impediment tributes where she calls the cigar-chomping commie "chawizmatic." Maybe Michael Moore would screen a copy of "Sicko"?

I have little tolerance for Americans who defend the despot and his policies. For those of you who admire the country's literacy rates, I ask you, what good is literacy if you don't have the freedom to read what you want?

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Simon Jester said...

Ah! But you've forgotten the famous Marxist dictum:

"From each according to his ability;
to each according to his need."

Fidel will continue to serve the glorious World Socialist Revolution.

Perhaps as a door stop. Or a speed bump.

And boy, do I NEED to see that!