Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rejected Us Weekly Fashion Police Jokes 6

I have been a Top Cop for Us Weekly's Fashion Police since 2001. (Why do men always call it "U.S." Weekly even when they see it spelled with a big "U" and a small "s"?)

Some weeks many of my jokes are published while other weeks I have to settle for just one or two. Below is a partial list of comments that never made it to the newsstand.

(I am currently on the road and do not have access to a scanner. So, if you want to see the other pictures you'll have to look at the actual magazine.)

Claudia Schiffer

Accepted: What a pilgrim would wear to the Playboy mansion.

Diane Lane

Rejected: She makes the Jolly Green Giant's little green, sprout.

Erykah Badu

Rejected:Urkel had a sex change?

Veronica Webb

Rejected:Hefty bags now in holiday colors!

Claire Danes

Rejected:From Shopgirl to flopgirl. (That one was my tribute to Mr. Blackwell.)

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Suzy said...

Traci, recently I read somewhere online that the 'Us' in Us Weekly stood for United States Weekly.