Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm Going Home

I agree with Daughtry, these places and these faces are getting old. We're in day 22 of a 24-day road trip. Currently, we're in Detroit working at the legendary Comedy Castle. To get to our hotel from 75 North, we took exit 69, Big Beaver Road. Central Pennsylvania may have towns named Intercourse and Bird 'N Hand but Detroit has "Exit 69, Big Beaver Road."

During this swing, we've worked in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia and now Michigan. We've performed for old people at a country club, college students at an off-campus bar, hung out with Bill Bellamy from Last Comic Standing and nearly froze to death during a show at a hotel bar when the heat went out. We've also had the pleasure of working on the weekends at three of the best clubs in the country: Punchline in Atlanta, Comedy TN in Memphis and, as I said earlier, Comedy Castle in the Motor City.

We have two shows tonight and a show in Flint, Michigan on Sunday but then we head east towards out humble abode. We're looking foward to sleeping in our own bed.

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