Sunday, February 10, 2008

If Only It Were Deep Fried!

We bought this Reese's Big Cup at a gas station in Mississippi. How could we resist? It's not everyday one sees an Elvis, "The King Size" candy bar. Well, maybe you see it everyday in Mississippi... and perhaps in Japan... and quite possibly Memphis... but nowhere else and certainly not in New Jersey.

The package says it's a "collector edition." In my case, it would only collect on my thighs.

I can't figure out why the folks at Hershey thought this was a good idea. It seems a bit crass. Perhaps if they really wanted it to be authentically Elvis they should have covered the big cups with a crunchy Librium topping.

Pre-GERD, I would have torn into this bad boy. But, since I can no longer eat chocolate, I'll just have to watch as my husband devours this delightful combination of milk chocolate, peanut butter and banana cream.

After it passes through your system, would it be rude to exit the bathroom and say, "Elvis has left the building?"

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