Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fat Actress VS. Fashion Police

Former sitcom star and current peabrain, Kirstie Alley is apparently irate over a reference to Scientology in a Fashion Police comment made by my fellow Top Cop, Danica Lo. Instead of picking up the phone and calling Jenny, she picked up the phone and called her lawyers. The Defamer has an exclusive copy of the letter sent to Us Weekly allegedly written by her hired goons. Personally, I think she typed the screed herself with one hand while holding a piece of double fudge cake in the other.

A first year law student could have composed a better threat. At least a first year law student wouldn't have misspelled "Muslim."

Ms. Lo's comment, accompanying a photograph of Nicole Kidman in a silvery space outfit, was as follows:
Bonus: This specially designed suit repels Scientologists.

For this, the ex-Cheers actress not-so-cheerily calls for Lo to be "discharged."

This is an outrage. It's even more outrageous that Alley claims Us Weekly would not have published a comment made about any other ethnic or religious group. Hasn't she read the magazine?! The Fashion Police are equal opportunity offenders. We make fun of everybody and everything.

Earth to Kirstie-- it's called a "joke." It's also called free speech. You might want to put down L. Ron Hubbard's book and pick up a copy of the constitution.

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