Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dog Speaks

People who despise religion must drive off the road the first time they see the God Billboards. The messages, which began appearing in 1998, have been placed on 10,000 billboards in 200 cities. We only encounter them, however, when we're driving down south.

There are a surprising number of religious messages along America's highways, but these actually have a sense of humor. People who spread the word of God are rarely known for their ability to write jokes.
If you must curse, use your own name.-- God

Big Bang Theory, you've got to be kidding.-- God

You think it's hot here?-- God
You have to give them credit for being clever.

My husband and I have decided that these billboards are ripe for parody. So, if we win the Mega Millions lottery tonight, we're going to spend the first check on billboards spreading the word of Dog.

The possibilities are endless.
Did you just spell "walk?"-- Dog

Because I can, that's why.-- Dog

Stop blaming that on me.-- Dog
Unlike the creator of the God Billboards, we will not remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

the word of dog. brilliant :}

Anonymous said...

There's a great book of poetry by dogs. I think it's by poets who have dogs, and they write poems their dogs would write (if they could write).

It's very funny, on purpose, and the best one I remember is:

You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that?
You gonna eat that?
I'll eat that.

Looking forward to seeing you in Minnesota!


Traci Skene said...

Great minds think alike?