Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Animal Art

You'd be amazed how much bad animal art can be found at thrift shops. You'd also be amazed by how much of that bad animal art winds up hanging on our apartment walls.

This painting is one of our favorites. As you can plainly see, there is just so much to love about this masterpiece: the garish '70's backround, the giant stump where a paw once was, the fur which appears to be in perpetual motion.

The artist is only identified as "MF" which makes me love the piece even more.

My appreciation for bad animal art started back when we lived in Burbank, California. For months, I strolled past a window that was selling a painting I called, "Tiger Eating Walnuts." I wanted that painting so badly but, before I could make the purchase, it was gone. I vowed, "As God is my witness, I shall never go without bad animal art again!"

I can't wait to show you "Two Cats Fishing."

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