Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scientific Facial Exercise 2

Today, class, we are going to learn the incorrect and correct way of laughing.

I was not aware that there was an incorrect way of laughing, but according to the Joyce Lee Method of Scientific Facial Exercises, guffawing the wrong way will leave you wrinkled and hideous. OK, those are my words, not hers, but you get the point.

Until today, I thought "maniacal" was the only incorrect way of laughing. Silly me.

Please turn to page 169 in your text.

INCORRECT WAY of laughing

As in photo-- do not wrinkle your nose when you smile or laugh.

CORRECT WAY of laughing

Laugh or smile back toward lobes of ears, as in photo.

Do not laugh up toward your temples, causing lines to form around your eyes.

Do not squint when you laugh or smile, as this again causes lines around your eyes.
This chick really knows how to take the fun out of laughing. What the hell does "laugh up toward your temples" even mean? It sounds like something a person would say if English was a second language. "He so funny, I laugh up toward my temples."

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