Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kitty Wigs!

Apparently, the only thing funnier than a cone on a dog is a wig on a cat. The folks at Kitty Wig have come up with the perfect-- or is that purrfect-- gift for that hard to shop for cat on your shopping list.

I can't figure out how they manage to keep the wig on without the aid of tranquilizers or Super Glue. It's obvious from their copy that the brains behind Kitty Wig understand both the ridiculousness and the appeal of their product.
Blonde is a magical mix of bashful and brazen. Fern shows off the many moods of a natural blonde: sweet yet catty, smart yet batty -- where life is alluring and coy. Now all she needs is a bikini and a Swedish accent.

Blonde sets off your kitty’s eyes and makes your kitty look tan.
It makes me wish I had a cat just so I could go all Dolly Parton on his furry little ass.


Suzy said...

Go to She puts things on her dog Chuck's head all the time. Some of them defy gravity. One was a bottle of hot sauce. Click on Chuck's archive. Pretty funny.

robkroese said...

I misread "cone" as "come" at first. For a second there I thought you were one twisted lady.

Traci Skene said...

No, I said cone. But that might be the third funniest thing you could do to an animal.