Thursday, January 31, 2008

Congratulations, It's A King!

To say that there is nothing on Route 78 between Birmingham, Alabama, and Tupelo, Mississippi would be an insult to the word "nothing." There should be a sign when you enter the highway saying, "Your bladder must be this big to ride."

Our eventual goal was Memphis but we decided to stop off in Tupelo to see the house where Elvis Aaron Presley was born. To say that the house is small would be an insult to the word "small." I think our current hotel room is bigger.

The house is surrounded by a very nice park, visitor's center/museum and the Presley Memorial Church. We just took a picture of the house, read a few of the memorial plaques and left. At Graceland many years ago, we learned more than we ever needed to know about the King of Rock 'N Roll. We didn't really want to hear it all again.

Last August, I wrote a column for about Elvis' death. It's called "Grandpop Has Left The Building." Enjoy.

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