Tuesday, January 29, 2008

American Idol Episode 5

The producers of American Idol either need to finally fire Paula Abdul or start holding contestant auditions at a rehab center. There is no way the droopy-eyed former singer should have been allowed on camera in that condition. The woman was practically drooling into her giant red Coca-Cola cup.

I hear Amy Winehouse needs a roommate.

My favorite moment from what was a fairly boring show-- aside from the trainwreck that is Abdul-- was the hopeful who mistakenly said, "I'm going to prove to Simon that I am America's next top model."

Much to her credit, she laughed heartily at her own faux pas, but I really think she's on to something. Why don't they just combine reality shows and save us all a lot of time?

The possibilities are endless! Let the designers from Project Runway make the clothes for the American Idol kids. As a challenge on Top Chef they would have to make the America's Next Top Model girls eat. Judge Judy could bitch slap all the Kardashian ho's just for being annoying.

If nothing else, send Dr. Drew over to the Idol set so he can help Paula in a way Dr. Phil was unable to do for Britney.

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