Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol, Episode 3

Why do freaky men always have long fingernails? Only yogi masters who drink their own urine should have long fingernails. Every other guy either needs to buy a nail clipper or develop a highly annoying and unsanitary nail biting habit. OK, maybe vampires can have long fingernails...and effeminate folk guitarists who wear mandals with socks can have long fingernails...but nobody else! Ick. It just creeps me out.

For those of you who are interested in good music (If you are interested in good music then why are you watching American Idol, eh?) the song played during the closing montage was "New Shoes" by Scottish wee-one Paolo Nutini.

Nutini, who just turned 21 earlier this month-- now he can legally drink during his American tour-- is the same age as most of the Idol contestants. If he were on the show, however, he would kick all their little and not-so-little Idol asses.

This boy can rock. My husband and I saw him perform last September at the TLA in Philadelphia and he just blew us away although, we couldn't understand a word the lad said in between songs.

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