Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Philly Christmas

As a native Philadelphian, it pains me that the only Christmas tradition we're known for is throwing snowballs at Santa Clause. Or did we boo Santa and throw snowballs at the Easter Bunny? Or did we throw snowballs at Santa, boo the Easter Bunny and attempt to sexually assault Jimmy the Greek. Sadly, I think the correct answer is "All of the above."

The City of Brotherly Love, believe it or not, does have a softer side. As a child, one of my favorite things to do at this time of year was to take the train into Center City to see the four-story indoor light show at John Wanamaker's department store. My family and I would jostle for position among the throbbing horde, the adults would hold on to their wallets and we would all get neck cramps as we looked up and listened to John Facenda tell the story of The Nutcracker.

(My football fan readers might remember John Facenda as the former voice of NFL Films. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine him saying the words, "frozen tundra.")

Now, however, Wanamaker's is Macy's and Julie Andrews is the narrator but the tradition remains basically the same.

I found some poorly shot You Tube video of the proceedings. I wish I could say it's more exciting in person but, really, it isn't.

Merry Christmas from me to you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing that! I grew up in Philly too, and I remember seeing that as a child. John Facenda was a local anchorman way long ago, and his voice gave it such weight.

Merry Christmas!


Traci Skene said...

I like Julie Andrews but I will always hear John Facenda's voice whenever I see the show.

Merry Christmas to you!

Infantry Dad said...

Thank you for stopping bye my little corner of the blogosphere.
And thank you for sending some of your work to the soldiers.
I responded to your comment, but don't know if you go back to check on those things.
I wanted you to know that what you and your husband do to support the troups is appreciated.
Thank you.
Best wishes for a happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I miss living in PA, i was in Pittsburgh though, if i wasnt so involved with comedy I'd move back.