Sunday, December 2, 2007

They Call Me Mrs. Nip

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. We were joined in holy matrimony on December 2, 1988 on the beach in Hawaii. (A day which will live in infamy.) Officiating was the Reverend Richard B. Elsner who was once a bass player for Dean Martin and the Golddiggers. We're not even sure if our marriage is legal.

Below, is a picture from our nuptials. We ran this photo once on SHECKYmagazine and it also currently resides on our MySpace Profile. Look closely and you'll see that it is an incredibly embarrassing record of our blessed union.

Yes, it looks like a Walmart Photo Center fake backdrop. Yes, my husband has the smug optimistic countenance of a missionary who is about to convert the natives. And yes, yes, yes, my nipple is showing.

It's nippy over at


lisamagisa said...

Yay! Happy Anniversary!!
You guys are a lovely couple (i'm talking about the nipples).

*rim shot*

Unknown said...

can't see 'em.
got any more?

....road atlas shrugged = lol