Saturday, December 22, 2007

There's A Reason It's Called "Just For Men"

The only thing more unappealing than boobs on a guy is a mustache on a chick. Ask any of these mustachioed mammas why the refuse to rid themselves of the Chia Pet under their schnoz and they all give the same answer, "Shaving will only make it grow back darker and thicker."

OK, but you have a mustache! Does it really matter if you have a darker and thicker mustache?! You already look like Tom Selleck in drag.

Their twisted logic is addressed in the article 7 Myths Even Doctors Believe. There it was right between "Fingernails and hair grow after death" and "Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight" the very thing I have been wanting to hear all of my adult life.
Myth: Shaved hair grows back faster, coarser and darker.

Fact: A 1928 clinical trial compared hair growth in shaved patches to growth in non-shaved patches. The hair which replaced the shaved hair was no darker or thicker, and did not grow in faster. More recent studies have confirmed that one. Here's the deal: When hair first comes in after being shaved, it grows with a blunt edge on top, Carroll and Vreeman explain. Over time, the blunt edge gets worn so it may seem thicker than it actually is. Hair that's just emerging can be darker too, because it hasn't been bleached by the sun.

Do you hear that ladies? You are out of reasons not to kill the beast above your lip. It's time to shave, wax or pluck... use an eletric knife or fire up the sander if necessary. Just please lose the 'stache. Your men will thank you. The stranger sitting next to you on the plane will thank you. I will thank you.

And would it kill you to wear a little lipstick?


Suzy said...

I saw the same thing. Due to three times in my life when I was under extreme stress, my hair would fall out. Not all of it, just enough to make me want to kill myself.

All three times its grown back thicker. I have thin, fine hair so the difference was obvious.

I may be the exception to the rule or mabe I'm just losing my eyesight and my sense of touch.

Traci Skene said...

There's probably a difference between shaving and having hair actually fall out. I know that when my aunt had chemo her formerly straight hair grew back curly.

A woman should still shave her mustache, however. In fact, if she shaves it often enough she'll never see it grow back.