Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hot Fun In The Summertime

This past Christmas, my husband performed a gentile mitzvah or, as we like to say, a gentitzvah.

As a gift to my family, he transferred all of our old Super 8 home movies (which had previously been converted to VHS) to DVD. He edited the raw footage, added a music bed under each segment and even included opening and closing credits. The result is a 90-minute film which is not only laugh and tear inducing to those of us who lived the experience, but also highly watchable, if not entertaining, to strangers.

My aunt summed it up best when she said it was the best Christmas gift she had ever received.

(Finally, after 23 1/2 years, my husband might actually be accepted into our family!)

We uploaded a four minute clip called "Hot Fun In The Summertime" to You Tube. It contains footage from our 1966 visit to the Jersey Shore. Yes, that's me as a baby.


Suzy said...

That was great. I loved the song back up, especially the part where your brother (cousin?) has his mouth wide open on one of the song's notes.

We have one of my sister with the highest hair, but in the front only. It's so high my mother and I just cry laughing when we see it. Then at one point she looks into the camerca and says "How's my hair?" and we fall over.

Traci Skene said...

That's my cousin although my brother is there as well.

It's amazing how much of the music matches perfectly with the visual. It's that way throughout the entire 90 minutes. Brian is letting others decide if it's a coincidence or a result of his genius.

I feel very lucky to have this footage especially since many of the participants are no longer with us.

We may upload a few more segments.

Mike McDonald said...

Those were the days when you could take your kid to the Jersey shore and not have dead dolphins and medical waste washing up next to them. Just bodies from a hit.
Good blog all the way around Traci,... and great legs even back then


Traci Skene said...

Mike, to this day, I still exercise my legs by jumping on my aunt's back. She's in her 70's now and doesn't enjoy it nearly as much as she used to.