Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Beauty Before Age

Bloggers who blog about blogging have concluded that posting a picture of a cheerleader is a guaranteed way to drive traffic to your site. As a chick, however, I would feel a bit uncomfortable using a fellow chick's body as blogger bait so, instead, I've decided to upload a photo of my own perky pom poms. Admittedly, this is me 20 years ago, but if you close your eyes real tight, I look exactly the same.

My husband innocently offered to take a more recent pic. I laughed, coughed, laughed some more, cleared my throat and said, "I'm 42-years-old. Who would want to see me dressed as a cheerleader?" He laughed, coughed, laughed some more, cleared his throat and said, "Uh, I would."

That's when I realized that the only people who have a problem with women aging is...women. Men don't care. Men love us. Men aren't turned off by laugh lines. Men just want us to laugh.

Women have watched so many Lifetime Movies about men who dump their wives for younger babes that we've completely lost touch with reality. And if your husband did that to you, then you married wrong in the first place.

On my local newscast last night, a reporter, who will obviously will do anything for ratings, showed the Jennifer Love Hewitt "big ass" photograph to average Joe's and Jane's who were walking the cold Philadelphia streets. The woman were shocked. The men, not so much. One male said, "Oh sure it could be a little tighter, but I like it." I could tell that's how they all felt.

Jennifer Love Hewitt shot back on her official website criticizing folks who criticized her bum. Personally, I would rather have read a statement from her fiance who was no doubt sitting on the beach in Hawaii while she frolicked in the surf thinking, "Oh sure, it could be a little tighter, but I like it."

I can only assume my husband will feel the same way when go to Hawaii next year for our 20th wedding anniversary.

I don't look the same as I did when we first got married. But I realized the other day that every beauty product I own has the word "age defying" written somewhere on the bottle. The girls over at Fug posted an absolutely frightening photo of aging actress Joan Van Ark who, apparently, is spending lots of cash trying to stave off the inevitable. It's sadly ironic that in an effort to look youthful, she looks closer to death than ever. Only if she were lying in a coffin would people look at her and say, "She looks good."

Perhaps our brain needs to be the only age defying product we own.

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