Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Do Christmas Right

It's Christmas Eve with Colonel Sanders! That's right, it's Christmas Eve with everybody's favorite chicken man. (With apologies to the late Frank Purdue.)

According to the liner notes this 1967 recording was "prepared expressly for Kentucky Fried Chicken Corp. by RCA Victor." It's a special collector's edition, dontcha know. Just how much extra crispy did one have to eat to get this rare recording? Did they even have extra crispy in 1967?

It's actually a pretty good album with songs by Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Vic Damone and Henry Mancini.

There's lots of copy on the back about the story of Christmas... not one mention of chicken. The first line says it all.
Christmas Eve is a night of excitement!
Judging from the cover, there was too much excitement for the Colonel. He appears to be asleep. Perhaps he secretly ate some turkey and is zoned out on tryptophan? Or maybe the chickens staged a Christmas Eve coup and and assassinated him while he sat by the fire? (Everybody knows that animals can talk on Christmas Eve.)

Regardless, I can no longer think of the baby Jesus without also thinking of an 8-piece bucket.

Peace on Earth, good will toward fowl.

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