Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Sweet Story

Thanksgiving week is the perfect time to read a heartwarming story about a caring teacher who fought for six years to bring handicapped accessible equipment to her elementary school playground. Hearing about such lovely people always makes me want to do something extraordinarily kind and unselfish for my fellow man--of course, I never do, but I feel better about myself knowing that I want to. Oh yeah, the oh-so-adorable kid in the photo just happens to be my great-nephew Jake.


Liz said...

Adorable picture and nice story. I'm a teacher, I'll take charity, I could use a house w/a yard. You're too young to have a grand-nephew or is it grand,in that he's really, really nice.

lisamagisa said...

What a sweet story and a cutie pie on the swing!
Happy Thanksgiving!