Saturday, November 24, 2007

Missing NJ Couple Found

I rarely watch the local news anymore and, when I do watch, I only half-watch preferring instead to split my time with magazine reading or toe nail clipping or back stretching. So, last night, when I heard the breaking news about an elderly New Jersey couple who were found after a 24-hour search, I was only partially paying attention. The newscaster called them Veronica and Albert Hansel so the names didn't mean anything to me. But then I looked at the screen and saw their photograph. "Oh my God," I yelled to my husband, "It's Ronnie and Al!"

Mr. and Mrs. Hansel have been friends and neighbors of my mother-in-law and late father-in-law for over fifty years. Their daughter was best friends with my husband's late sister since the time they were toddlers. We lost touch with them a year ago when my mother-in-law moved to a nursing home. But for years, we saw them on a regular basis.

I was selfishly thrilled that I only learned about their plight after they had already been found. I can't imagine what they and their family went through during the 24-hour ordeal.

We'll have to bake them some cookies and head on over there in a day or two to see how they are doing. They're modest people. I'm sure they are more embarrassed than anything.

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Deirdre9 said...

It is nice to see that a young person gives a frack about old people that get lost. I mean if my dad got lost, I really would not worry so much because he is a pain in the ass. But hey, someone has to care!

lisamagisa said...

they were totally in vegas