Thursday, November 22, 2007

Heroes Cross

Friends of mine have started a website called Heroes Cross. The goal is to raise money for charity while simultaneously paying tribute to the folks in our society who are true heroes. It's a lovely idea and I'm always amazed by people who do wonderful things in life yet who think the person next to them is somehow more heroic. (Enter code NCFriends for a discount on shipping.)

One of the not-so-silent partners, Tony Bono, has been a good pal of mine since we were kids. Below is a picture of us after an All-Star Soccer game in the mid '70's. He's in the center, I'm on the far right and his sister, Karen, is just to the left. For the life of me, I can't remember the names of the other two girls.

For some reason, soccer players always squat in pictures. It didn't make sense to me back then and it still doesn't make sense to me now. Tony grew up to be a professional soccer player. I grew up to be a standup comic. To this day, we can still squat on cue, if called upon to do so.

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lisamagisa said...

Looks like a nice charity!

(maybe i won't get my husband the back shaver after all)