Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fiddle Faddle is Evil Goodness

The holidays are the time of year when my husband and I purchase salty snacks and gooey treats and all sorts of food items that don't normally find their way into our shopping cart. Ostensibly, we bring these items into our homes just in case we have company. The problem is, people rarely visit, so we find ourselves staring longingly at the brightly colored boxes looking for an excuse to tear into their high-caloried evil goodness.

This morning we ripped open a box of Fiddle Faddle shortly after breakfast. By lunchtime, we had consumed everything but the box. At 120 calories per serving (approximately seven servings per box) he ate four servings to my three. We decided to skip lunch. We decided to workout after what would have been lunch.

My husband tried to convince me that since Fiddle Faddle is just popcorn, peanuts and sugar, it might actually be good for you. I reminded him that he once told me french fries were good for you because they were made from potatoes. That's like saying pumpkin pie improves vision because it's from a orange food group.

I'm ashamed of us for not even waiting until December to raid our pantry. The nacho chips don't stand a chance.

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