Friday, November 16, 2007

Facial Exercise of the Month

This is my favorite book. I did the exercises once and couldn't move my face for a week. But, you know the exercises work because they are "scientific."
Joyce Lee, now in her fifties, is a living example of the efficacy of her Method of Scientific Facial Exercises. Her appearance is that of a woman of thirty, full of zest for life replete with the confidence of a continued youthful appearance.
Perhaps we should all just kill ourselves now? I wasn't even "full of zest for life" when I was actually thirty.

My advice is to read the book while drinking a glass of red wine. Sure you'll develop laugh lines, but on page 169 you can learn the correct way of laughing.


lisamagisa said...

Do you have to laugh with a "ho ho ho" to avoid wrinkles?

erica lynn said...

Lisa said ho, ho, ho but in Sydne, Australia Santa cant say that. Its deemed offensive to some women. This is not a joke. Has political correctness gone too far. Erica Lynn